7 queer celebrity dating rumors that we desperately wish were true

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It is well known that a Kpop idol dating is a taboo subject, especially in the first years after their debut which is why many agencies such as JYP and YG impose dating bans. This all stems from the possessive kpop culture, many fans assume the idol are theirs and should only work hard and not date. Today, we shall be taking a look at some of the most awful cases of Kpop idols who paid a heavy price for simply confirming they were dating. The first on this list is actually the most recent incident. She came out as bisexual about a month ago and shared photos with her girlfriend. She revealed that herself through her instagram account. As expected, she was harassed with hate homophobic comments by Netizens. I will take legal action to protect them.

Polyamorous Emma Fedigan is dating a married man on the side who her five kids call their ‘sparent’

Or so we hope. There are so many conspiracy theories in this genre that, if proven true, would bring infinite joy to queer people worldwide. By and large, however, these relationships are stable.


By Caters News Agency. A polyamorous mum who was ‘bored’ of her monogamous relationship with her husband is now dating a married man who her kids refer to as their ‘sparent’. Emma Fedigan, 37, from Perth , was open about her pansexuality to her husband of 14 years, Robert Fedigan, 39, since they got together in their early 20s – but she had never got a chance to explore her desires as she was busy raising her four sons.

However, three years ago the pair decided to plunge back into the dating world where they met fellow married couple Simon Berry, 43, and his wife Kelly, Emma and Robert quickly hit it off with Kelly while Emma also developed a relationship with Simon and they formed an almost-quadruple, where everyone dated each other except Rob and Simon. Emma Fedigan is in a polyamorous relationship with her husband of 14 years Robert left and her married boyfriend Simon Berry right.

Their relationship hit the rocks late last year when Emma broke up with Kelly left , her current boyfriend’s wife. Three years ago, the couple met married couple Simon Berry , 43, and his wife Kelly ,

Netizens Defend INFINITE’s Dongwoo over ‘Rude’ Photo with Rumored Girlfriend

Four new idol couple rumors in less than 48 hours?! Thanks to the work of fans-turned-idol-vigilantes, netizens have uncovered enough photographic and Twitter-related evidence to conclude that L has been hiding a special lady friend from the rest of us for goodness knows how long. Never heard of her? The friend tweeted supposedly in regards to the photo :.

Because of Boreum, my close friend is having some real issues with her boyfriend. If this rumor turns out to be true, my advice remains the same as always: Idol, good job on having a life.

Netizens Defend INFINITE’s Dongwoo over ‘Rude’ Photo with Rumored Girlfriend​. INFINITE member Dongwoo is once again subject to a dating.

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INFINITE’s L Gets Himself Mixed Up In A Dating Scandal, Woollim Denies Rumors

Subscriber Account active since. It’s not uncommon for celebrity marriages to fall apart. But despite the downfall of many, a few Hollywood relationships have withstood the test of time. A few couples have kept their marriages private, but others have aired all of their dirty laundry. These famous lovebirds may be divided on the best tips and tricks for happy relationships, but they all have one thing in common: They’ve lasted.

Shepard and Bell have been together since

“Heartbreak Hotel,” his first number-one hit, was released in January , and he quickly became a star with seemingly infinite potential before him. The man.

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Kpop Idols Who Paid A Heavy Price For Falling In Love- The Twisted Possessive ‘My Oppa’ Culture

Rumors of Nam Woohyun going to Disneyland Tokyo with a girl had surfaced after his friend posted photos on Instagram. One of the first photos that added to the rumor was the photos of the Tokyo Tower, in which Kim Yoo Kyung and Noh Young Shin uploaded a photo of the tower just one day apart, prompting fans to think they were on the trip together. Noh Young Shin t. Furthermore, both their photos at Disneyland were uploaded on the same day, and from a very similar angle. A fan of Woohyun then sent Kim Yookyung a direct message on Instagram, asking if she knew Woohyun personally, to which she responded explaining the situation.

Woohyun took off his jacket to take a photo and I held it for him, but I got cold so I put it on myself and took a photo, then uploaded it without thinking it through..

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Infinite’s L Finally Admits to Dating Kim Do Yeon — Why He Lied

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Four new idol couple rumors in less than 48 hours?! Infinite’s L is the latest idol to be caught up in a dating rumor this week, alongside someone who claimed to be your BF had a secret girlfriend he was hiding from you.

Being the face of his group, L, whose real name is Kim Myung-soo, has been firmly under the spotlight ever since his debut with Infinite, and has even been given acting projects in various dramas. In late September of , a rumor surfaced that he and ulzzang Kim Do-yeon were seen to have worn various matching items such as clothes, bracelets, and sneakers.

Many netizens think that he was actually crying because of the fight, and not because he was touched by the fans. People suspected the reason for the fight was because of a picture that L took with actress Han Bo-reum, his co-star in a drama. In total, 14 fansite admins decided to end their service, indirectly confirming that L and Kim Do-yeon were indeed dating, as most fansite admins are known to be insiders.

At that time, L had brought it up with the agency. To protect their artist, the company had to conceal the matter. We would like to sincerely apologize for this. When the rumors started in September, Infinite was in their world tour and the couple had not even had a chance to see each other.

Infnite’s L Puts Dating Scandal Behind Him To Focus On Drama

April ,. I’ll put the possible years these rumored-to-be “couples” could’ve been dating. So don’t take this post seriously. Key: “Kara” Nicole, Hyeongseop him and key took a lot of photos together and hung out a lot so a lot of people were suspicious of them dating. They supposedly stayed in a hotel together. Especially when there was a rumor going around that a gay idol couple would be revealed, Hyeongseop suddenly deleted all their photos together.

L girlfriend outed their relationship while L never alluded. dating an idol have the fucking decency to try and keep it secret because it being revealed Dongwoo we have no news on but his relationship rumors started today.

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During another fight, he threw a coffee table at her. Karr, in her tweets, was merely repeating the story she has told many times before. A story that has been treated—stop me if this sounds familiar—largely as a complication to another story.

Everything We Know About Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas’s Budding Romance

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Infinite’s L Finally Admits to Dating Kim Do Yeon — Why He Lied it turns out the pair stopped dating after their secret dates were exposed and Infinite “After the dating rumors, I did not explain the situation due to Woollim’s.

To enjoy our website, you’ll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how. Before beginning work on his new drama “Cunning Single Lady,” Infinite’s L wanted to place his dating scandal squarely behind him. The scandal involved his relationship with Kim Do Yeon, who was known as “the chocolate girl” because she once said she ate nothing but chocolate. The two dated for a few months and wanted to go public with their relationship.

But his agency, eager to protect L and his girlfriend, requested they keep the relationship a secret. That strategy backfired when Infinite fans found out that the couple was dating.

I had a one-night stand with Infinite’s Sunggyu before he was an idol.

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BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Responds To Dating Rumors With A Secret Message To Fans. Sonny with a Chance 6. Centurion 2. Matched 2. Infinite StratosIS 2 Dec 23​.

Tags: dongwoo infinite myungsoo. I can entirely understand Inspirits for hating on these girls like have some decency 1. L girlfriend outed their relationship while L never alluded to her my problem with this bimbo was she did something her partner was not ready for because infinite were extremely hot and he was the most popular member too this would hurt infinite so much and i swear nothing has been the same since.

In fact,that’s what he said ” if I’m crying hard, you guys will swear at me, I’m smiling, you guys will swear at me. As for me i don’t even care. I’m so tired of it, of all you people. Me too, I’m tired of hearing this story, but there are still people swearing at Myungsoo. Me too I cried. Stop harassing Myungsoo with his relationship already. Are you gonna keep harassing him again and again?

Dolan Twins Admit To Having Secret Girlfriends (Snapchat Stories)