Emirates flight attendant jailed in Dubai after first date goes wrong

A year-old Emirates flight attendant could be forced to remain in Dubai even if she is cleared of drug supply charges, her lawyer and a British charity that is working on the case have warned. Derrin Crawford of Liverpool, England has been held by the Dubai Police since late June when she was arrested on suspicion of possession of illegal narcotics with intent to supply after two Cannabis joints were found in the apartment of an acquaintance she had just met. Crawford had visited the apartment of a fellow Brit who she had been speaking to on a dating app for around a week. She was in the apartment when the police conducted a surprise raid and found two Cannabis joints and a number of unspecified pills some common over the counter medicines are illegal in the United Arab Emirates. The flight attendant claims to have had no idea that any drugs were in the apartment but was arrested on serious narcotics charges. Derrin has been told by prosecutors that she may be subjected to a second drug test and if this too shows no illegal substances in her bloodstream the case against her might be dropped. But that might not be the end of her detention in Dubai. Any subsequent trial could take years to hear during which time Derrin would potentially be banned from leaving the United Arab Emirates. The more serious crime of possession with intent to supply carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. Mateusz Maszczynski is a serving international flight attendant with experience at a major Middle East and European airline.

Meet the Emirates flight attendant sharing her inspirational adventures on Instagram

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Emirates flight attendant Alexandra Cosoff (right) shares her best flying tips. It has this flight attendant “obsessed” and now we want to try it too.

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Emirates flight attendant shares her top flying tips

When it comes to air travel, there’s nothing more luxurious than flying in first class. From styling their hair the ‘correct’ way to knowing details of every passenger before boarding, the year-old revealed what cabin crew members are expected to know when they are working in first class for one of the world’s leading airlines. Emirate’s flight attendant Alexandra Cosoff pictured has lifted the lid on what it really takes to work for first class passengers at 35, feet.

Alexandra said in first class, cabin crew members are expected to take the time to get to know each and every one of their passenger before they board. This might include a preferred drink order or favourite magazines,’ she told Daily Mail Australia. Before our flight, we have a team briefing to ensure we are all aware of any VIPs who are flying with us, and we also have on-board tablets to keep information at hand.

Ms Crawford works for Emirates Airlines and has been in custody since June 21, after meeting her date for the first time, The Sun reported. Radha.

For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. Here are the instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Despite the frequency with which people fly these days, flight attendants’ jobs are still, surprisingly, shrouded in a fair amount of mystery. To help lift the veil a little, Stuff. An airline with the best food, service and seats in the world? So, for example, your duty day could actually be 12 hours, but you only get paid for six hours of work.

By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. We are supposed to have everything ready to go at the drop of a hat, but on slower flying months, we finally have time to catch up on Netflix. Think of anything that could possibly happen anywhere – if it happens at 37, feet in the air, guess who is taking care of it?

We do much more than hand out Cokes, but unfortunately that is what the public sees, especially if they only fly domestically. We’re truly hard-trained safety experts on a plane to save your life, not just to serve you a tomato juice. The training is inexplicable, like childbirth. You can’t understand how hard it is until you experience it.

Even though I’m not First-Aid or CPR certified, our training helped make me capable of saving a life in mid-air on two different occasions.

WATCH: Flight attendant spills the beans on dating pilots, salary and affairs

By Clinton Moodley Jun 2, US flight attendant Stella, known as Fly with Stella, discussed some assumptions that people have about flight attendants. Here she gets candid about being jetlagged, dating pilots and affairs. This is what she had to say in her YouTube video. When asked why flight attendants were always tired, Stella replied: “We are not always tired, we are jet-lagged. We go from one time zone to another timezone, to a different continent.

38 votes, comments. Hey Reddit, I’m a 24 year old Canadian male working for Emirates as a flight attendant. I can try and answer some questions .

Even my shoes are neat and polished to a fine onyx black. I barely notice when we finally go under the English Channel. In this case, anticipation is almost more enjoyable than the moment itself. The loudspeaker comes to life, announcing our impending arrival at Gare du Nord. My mind is still going from one feeling to another, but I focus on our last days together in Canada.

We both celebrated with Sprinkles cupcakes and a visit to Niagara Falls, barely catching the bus back to Toronto. As cold as we were, it was nice to be with someone special so close to the holidays not to mention escaping a rather conservative family for a few days. Jumping from city to city, country to country, has always been a part of my life as a vagabond, and I often romanticized about finding someone with whom I could share these experiences.

Hell, I did more than imagine it: there were years when I was certain I would never be satisfied as a solo traveler. Having a partner, both romantically and on the same journey, seemed like a far off fantasy. Ideal, but plausible? I had to give up on the dream just to stay sane. These are my impressions of dating a flight attendant for a foreign carrier based abroad. Disclaimer: I will not mention which carrier she works for, her name, her home base, or all of her international stopovers to maintain anonymity.

What’s it really like to be a flight attendant? An Emirates cabin crew member reveals all

Jump to navigation. Emirates is known for being one of the best airlines in the skies – and that includes their on-board service. Members of their cabin crew hail from all over the world sharing the same welcoming demeanour, friendly smile and iconic red hat.

Emirates stewardess crewfie @victoriagoul Emirates Cabin Crew, Behind My Back “A2: Some airlines offer guests showers like this one in Emirates A First.

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Cabin crew secrets: Flight attendant reveals what threat of handsome pilots really means

A flight attendant is being held in a Dubai prison after her date was allegedly found to have drugs in his apartment. She was on a first date with a man when police raided his apartment and allegedly found two cannabis joints. Ms Crawford works for Emirates Airlines and has been in custody since June 21, after meeting her date for the first time, The Sun reported. Radha Stirling, chief executive of organisation Detained in Dubai, which helps jailed foreigners, tweeted she had fallen ill while behind bars and her family fear she will die in jail.

Ms Crawford was originally taken to the police station where she remained for several days before she was transferred to Al Barsha jail in Dubai, despite returning a negative result on a drug test. According to the BBC, Ms Crawford has not been able to contact her family since last Sunday and she has been living off bread, jam and water since being detained.

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Because when you spend your working life in a small space pummelled with airconditioning, hydration is key. Alexandra is from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and now resides in Dubai. My favourite destination to fly to is Mauritius. We stay in a beautiful, all inclusive resort by the beach. After a flight I love to relax and unwind with a massage and a day at the beach. Always roll your clothes instead of folding. It saves space and your clothes will be crease free.

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