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The minister sat in a massive chair behind an enormous desk. He spread his arms across the desk as if he were bracing for battle. His secretary scurried out of the office when she saw Andy coming.


Before I got married, I never considered purity or how my choices in the moment could affect me and my future relationships. As a result, I stood at the altar, excited to unite my heart with the man I loved but carrying with me a load of shame and regret. Are they forbidden? Is it okay to kiss, and if so, at what point? Is one type a simple peck on the cheek, a brush of lips against lips purer than another, and how can we know for certain?

Scripture tells us our hearts are deceptive. We can easily convince ourselves that wrong is right and right is wrong. Every interaction either strengthens or weakens us spiritually. Moreover, what we feed often grows. This means the more we watch sensual material and engage sensual thoughts, the harder it will be to remain pure. Temptation often hits when we least expect it. Few intend to sin but honoring Christ takes more than good intentions. It takes forethought and determination.

21 Great Sermon Series’ on Relationships

Looking for ideas as you plan your next sermon series? The Ultimate List of Sermon Topics is a quick snapshot of different topics you can scan through and choose based upon where God has your church, what he wants to say through you, and how he wants to use your congregation now and in the future. Your job is a difficult one and preaching week in and week out is a task that no other vocation asks of their leaders.

We are developing resources for church leaders, including some sermon on the end of a phone during a date, or childcare for a younger widowed or divorced Ignore the title of the book and treat it as an in-depth study of singleness and.

In this book, Andy Stanley offers the most practical and uncensored advice you will ever hear on dating in the 21st century. Andy writes, “If you don’t want a marriage like the majority of marriages, then stop dating like the majority of daters. I have three children, two boys and a girl. I hope. And we did. Why this approach? Well, most boys are introduced to the topic of sex before they are actually interested in sex.

Every year or two requires some review and something new.

Relationship Sermon Series

Sermons on Romans The Prayer of Agur. Fear Not. God Wins: Revelation Series. How should we date and if we do date, what is the purpose?

We offer you a series of articles on love, dating and relationships by Fr. Niko It is our deepest belief that preaching Christ for money is wrong.

Courtship, Dating and Romantic Relationships Romantic love. Tell me what your wage should be. The name of the older was Leah, and the name of the younger was Rachel. Now the eyes of Leah were dull, but Rachel was beautiful in form and appearance. Stay with … Read Genesis — Judges —20 And Samson went down to Timnah, and he saw a woman in Timnah from the daughters of the Philistines.

So then, is not Boaz our kinsman whose maidservants you were with? Look, he is winnowing the barley at the threshing floor tonight. Wash, anoint yourself, put your clothing on, and go down to the threshing floor. Do not make yourself known to the man until he finishes eating and drinking. And when he lies, take notice of the place where he lies. And you shall go and uncover … Read Ruth — Proverbs —19 Three of these are too wonderful for me, and four, I do not understand them: the way of the eagle in the sky, the way of a snake on a rock, the way of a ship in the heart of the sea, and the way of a man with a young woman.

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I prefer balance between topical and verse-by-verse preaching. This list helps keep my sermon calendar balanced. You could easily preach a sermon series on each of these topics.

The pamphlet’s multiple titles together with the erroneous binding into the bl 1 April , the date on which Joseph Hall’s Passion Sermon was delivered at.

The date of birth of Jesus is not stated in the gospels or in any historical reference, but most theologians assume a year of birth between 6 BC and 4 BC. The day or season has been estimated by various methods, including the description of shepherds watching over their sheep. The nativity accounts in the New Testament gospels of Matthew and Luke do not mention a date or time of year for the birth of Jesus.

He also implies that Jesus could have been as much as two years old at the time of the visit of the Magi , because Herod ordered the murder of all boys up to the age of two years, “in accordance with the time he had learned from the Magi”. Matthew [10] In addition, if the phrase “about 30” is interpreted to mean 32 years old, this could fit a date of birth just within the reign of Herod, who died in 4 BC.

Luke mentions the reign of Herod shortly before the birth of Jesus, [4] and places the birth during the Census of Quirinius , which the Jewish historian Josephus described as taking place circa AD 6 in his book Antiquities of the Jews written c. Another approach to estimating the year of birth is based on an attempt to work backwards from the point when Jesus began preaching, using the statement in Luke that he was “about 30 years of age” at that time.

This date is independently confirmed by John’s reference in John to the Temple being in its 46th year of construction when Jesus began his ministry during Passover, which corresponds to around 27—29 AD according to scholarly estimates.

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Looking to do sermon series on relationships at your church? Check out these 21 great ideas from churches around the world. The list starts below. There are tons of different ways to approach the topic, and a well-created series is a well-focused series. We also have tons of other relationship series ideas right here.

Free Access to Sermons on Dating, Church Sermons, Illustrations on Dating, and PowerPoints The title is so powerful that I am a bit shaky as to how to begin!

Reprinted by Pravmir. What is Love? How about in any other language, for that matter? Is there any song on the radio these days that is not about this word? How often do we see this topic in popular culture? How many clothing lines, backpacks, school supplies, you name it- have hearts on them or other love-themed pictures? What about a person?

We all love our parents, relatives and friends we meet in our lives, which is definitely a kind of love. What about a special someone in our life?

Courtship, Dating and Romantic Relationships

As you read your Bible in the main window, the Resource Guide follows along and displays relevant Bible study information from your study notes, commentaries, maps and more. Read sermons prepared by famous pastors. If you’re reading a passage of Scripture that one of the sermons addresses, it will appear in the Resource Guide for quick access. Did your resource mention a passage of Scripture, but you can’t remember what the verse says?

Then Laban said to Jacob, “Just because you are my brother should you work for me for nothing? Tell me what your wage should be.” Now Laban had two.

We discovered a lot along the way. So we tapped our four decades of expertise to create an innovative, highly engaging resource we call LIVE: Message Series. Each series offers powerhouse messages that have a secret weapon: active and interactive elements that lead to true transformation. And all the series come in a package that includes optional ideas and a mountain of graphic assets to help you publicize and present.

Along our development journey, we surveyed youth workers for their favorite topic targets. So here they are! These titles are the result of partnering with youth workers just like you to develop a comprehensive list. Got a great sermon series title to share? See a big gaping hole in our list? Offer your ideas in the comments section.

This series would coincide with the last episode of the ABC show lost. A practical approach to love and dating. It was really well received.

The New Rules For Love, Sex & Dating: Chapters 1 & 2

The main series of sermons, plus 24 other sermons preached at Westminster Chapel on the book of Acts. The main series was preached on Sunday evenings between and MLJ’s major series of sermons covering all 6 chapters of Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians, plus a small collection of 5 other sermons preached at Westminster Chapel.

There’s no father-son preaching duo quite like the Stanleys. Imagine if Steve Jobs His sermon title: “The Cost of Following Christ.” Afterward.

Our sermon ideas on Dating will help you preach a powerful message. Prepare your messages on dating with sermon outlines or an entire sermon series. My fellowship is maintained through obedience to His word, which is a reality in my life as a result of His indwelling Holy Spirit directing, correcting and enabling us to obey. Colossians ‘To them God willed to make known what are the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles: which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

He simply notes that we cannot find it in ourselves. We need an advocate. We need an atonement A local man, who was playing the part of Jesus, was carrying the cross through the streets to Gethsemane when someone in the crowd began to taunt and heckle him. The man playing Jesus became so irritated that he put the cross down, went over and punched the man out.

The director of the play was horrified and warned the actor that he was playing Jesus and if he could not control himself he would have to be replaced. The next night the heckler was back, but this time, with great effort, the actor restrained himself. He looked The wife seemed to be half-turned toward her husband holding both his hands in hers.


With the spread of COVID, many churches are finding that they need to meet and congregate digitally to keep their members safe. This has further escalated the growing trend of churches expanding their online presence, which has been occurring more and more throughout the past few years. Aside from a great website or user-friendly online giving solution , a popular online platform for churches is social media.

When a visitor hits it, they should be able to get a sense of your church. Get started by creating a branded channel icon.

These titles are the result of partnering with youth workers just like you to develop a comprehensive list. Build your own series based on these topics, or just click.

Forgot your password? Sign-up now to receive Hagee Ministries daily inspirational devotionals delivered directly to your inbox. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Is your mouth destroying your peace, your marriage, your health? Control your tongue or it will destroy your life. You must demonstrate your faith to produce the miracle. God delights in your well-being, and the best is yet to be! The disciples had fished all night when Jesus got into the boat, telling them to cast their nets in the deep.

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