Mauritius arrests the ship’s captain as it keeps leaking oil after splitting in two

The cargo ship that ran aground off the coast of Mauritius on 25 July, causing incalculable damage, has split in two and its captain has been arrested. Captain Sunil Kumar Nandeshwar and his deputy are both accused of violating piracy and maritime violence acts. The MV Wakashio split in two pieces today. What was aboard the MV Wakashio ship The MV Wakashio was filled with 4, tonnes of hydrocarbon fuels , most of which, about 3, tonnes, were removed after the ship ran aground. However, the prospect of an ecological disaster has become a reality. The final outcome is likely to be unprecedented environmental damage. Mauritius is home unique flora and fauna, thanks to the biodiversity of its coral reef.

Constraining timing of brittle deformation and fault gouge formation in the Sydney Basin

Help Contact us. Kemp, Simon J. Diarmad G. Clay Minerals , 54 2. Temporary excavations during the construction of the Glendoe Hydro Scheme above Loch Ness in the Highlands of Scotland exposed a clay-rich fault gouge in Dalradian Supergroup psammite. The gouge coincides with the mapped trace of the subvertical Sronlairig Fault, a feature related in part to the Great Glen and Ericht—Laidon faults, which had been interpreted to result from brittle deformation during the Caledonian orogeny c.

The fundamental assumption in dating fault gouges is that the thermoluminescence signal is completely reset during faulting. In practice, perhaps both histories.

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Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Dating of Calcareous Fault Gouge of the Ushikubi Fault, Central Japan

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A fault rock without primary cohesion where less than 30% of the fragments are visible to the naked eye and the rest is fine-grained and clayey.

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People turn to all kinds of sources in our day. Some turn to Oprah, some to movies, magazines, the Internet, or their peers. Two percent of the incoming classes said yes. Two percent said their church had a significant influence on the way that they think about sexuality. I would like to walk us through four critical questions about human sexuality and see what the Bible has to say about this very important subject.

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Clay Minerals ; 53 3 : — Radiometric dating of fault gouges has become a useful tool for regional tectonics studies and for exploring and understanding fault and earthquake processes. Methods to define the absolute age of faults achieved a solid scientific foundation almost 25 years ago when the development and application of illite age analysis for investigating sedimentary burial and thermal histories found a new potential application — defining the age of fold-and-thrust development.

These refinements to the methods have improved their application in fold-and-thrust terrains and have opened up applications in normal and strike-slip fault environments. Another important development is the use of absolute dating methods in retrograde clay gouges in which clays in a fault develop from igneous or metamorphic wall rocks that contain no clays. In addition, the method has also been shown to be useful at dating folds in fold-and-thrust belts.

That means correcting any fault that threatens to cause an accident or loss. a Boat Without a Title Fixing Gelcoat Gouges: How to Make Them Disappear Two The boat registration certificate is valid for two years from the date of issuance.

Today, if you have a few million bucks to spare, the Federal Communications Commission will be auctioning wireless licenses in the MHz band — primo space in many respects because it is lower on the RF spectrum and offers longer range. But Auction 92, as it is called, is anything but primo, since it is for licenses that either received no bids in the previous Auction 73 , held in , or were sold in that auction to organizations that never paid in full. That earlier auction, which I covered at the time, is a sad story of opportunity lost, especially for Google.

Remember how that freed-up spectrum was up for auction and Google made loud noises about bidding. They bought the spectrum primarily to keep it out of play, to keep a viable competitor from emerging. That decision not to bid back in seemed very short-sighted of Google. What if Google had defied this government nudge?

And wireless data would be cheaper everywhere. To what end? To keep them out of the way of established carriers? As I explained, the source is a former FCC employee privy to the inside story of Auction 73 at that time. As for the purpose of keeping Google from bidding, your guess is as good as mine. Why would his current employer care if you divulge his name?

Geological fault and ESR -Approach using ESR dating method-

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Och, R. Offler, Horst Zwingmann. Constraining timing of brittle deformation and fault gouge formation in the Sydney Basin. The fault zones are manifest as joint swarms and highly brecciated zones containing gouge with authigenic illite produced as a result of fluid infiltration. Strike-slip movement accompanied by minor dip-slip, normal movement occurred on the NNE faults, with dip slip on N-S and E-W-trending faults.

K-Ar dating of illite and illite-smectite in fractions extracted from fault gouges in areas unaffected by a thermal overprint reveals ages varying from to Ma for the. Overview Fingerprint. Access to Document Australian Journal of Earth Sciences , 61 3 , Och, D. In: Australian Journal of Earth Sciences.

Four Steps To Sexual Fulfillment

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Microstructurally-constrained K—Ar data from cohesive damage zone samples are compared to bulk K—Ar data from fault gouges from the adjacent fault cores. In Fault I, fluid ingress along the fault core caused pervasive alteration of the host granodiorite.

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The occurrence of synkinematic and authigenic clay minerals is a common feature in fault gouges. Few attempts have been made to date fault.

Corresponding authors e-mail: filippocarboni ymail. Abstract The Northern Apennines NA are a characteristic example of foreland fold-and-thrust belt progressively migrating towards its foreland. Their tectonic evolution has been quite tightly constrained in time by microfossil biostratigraphy applied to syn-orogenic deposits within foreland basins.

This makes the NA well suited to test the reliability of K-Ar illite dating of Neogene deformation affecting siliciclastic sequences. We sampled two top-to-the-ENE thrusts, whose well defined cores are defined by scaly gouge formed at the expense of the pelitic component of the host rock. X-ray diffraction XRD and K-Ar isotopic analysis of multiple grain-size fractions of the gouge, allowed us to discriminate between syn-kinematic and inherited illite crystals in the fault rocks.

Illite age analysis IAA constrains fault slip along the thrusts to The results, in spite of their analytical uncertainty, are fully consistent with the local evolution of the NA as constrained by the independent biostratigraphic studies and confirm the general suitability of this geochronological approach to Neogene deformation. Northern Apennines , K-Ar illite ages , brittle faulting , clay-rich gouge.

What Every Adventist Scientist Should Know: Flat Gaps & Soft Sediments 4-5-2014 by Ariel Roth