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S exual A ssault F orensic E xam effective December 29, If you are a victim of sexual assault, you can get a forensic exam without being billed for it. A hospital, doctor or nurse cannot require a sexual assault victim to talk to the police in order to get a medical forensic examination. It is important that victims know about health care providers’ duty to report some crimes to police, because sometimes the victim will need to take steps to protect themselves against retaliation that may result from the report. If a victim believes submitting a claim to their insurance carrier would substantially interfere with his or her personal privacy or safety, the doctor or nurse can bill SAFE Response for the forensic examination. If a sexual assault victim sustains a personal physical injury that needs to be treated other than the forensic exam, he or she may be eligible for assistance with medical bills through the Crime Victim Services Commission compensation program. The victim would have to submit a compensation claim application, report the incident to the police, cooperate with the investigation and utilize their medical insurance, including Medicaid, Medicare, or any other resource available for payment.

Dating Safety Brochure

Pandemic life is tough on everyone. But for a single person, the prospect of dating and sex — while social distancing to avoid a potentially life-threatening respiratory illness — feels impossible. How do you date without touching or kissing?

This brochure outlines the steps that should be taken to ensure that your dating experiences are safe and enjoyable.

If bruises on arms or legs appear and are noticed, the victim may offer excuses or try to change the subject. Many teens stay because they are involved in their first romantic and sometimes intimate relationship. Some teens have a sense of inferiority when they are not involved in a dating relationship and will do almost anything to keep one.

A sense of importance, self worth and belonging is derived from being in a relationship. It is important to increase your awareness of the different forms of abuse and learn the warning signs that signal a relationship is both unhealthy and dangerous. For additional assistance, please reach out to the following resources:.

Strange behavior on the part of the abused is common. Unexplained bruises, cuts and other injuries are warning signs of dating violence. Experts have determined many factors contribute to abuse, such as; drugs and alcohol legacy of violent families male insecurity in the face of the changing female role in society the numbing glorification of anti-female themes in popular music and film. Violence is often the outcome of a continued pattern of unacceptable behaviors.

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At some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian, and unfortunately pedestrian fatalities remain high. NHTSA raises awareness of the dangers to pedestrians by providing safety tips, educational material and other resources. Find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones when walking, and learn how you can help us prevent pedestrian injuries and deaths.

The tri-fold brochure provides residents with up-to-date rules and requirements and brings attention to key driving situations. “This effort is an.

King County offers downloadable brochures to help connect people with the most critical services in King County. Brochures are updated at least three times per year and often more frequently. The date of the last update is printed on the front of the brochure. The status of funding, services, hours of operation, etc. We advise users to check our website often in order to ensure your agency is distributing the most recent version of these brochures, or you can subscribe to our mailing list to receive the latest brochures.

This brochure lists emergency shelters, urban campsites, and safe parking programs in King County for single women, single men, couples, families with children, youth and young adults, and for survivors of domestic violence in need of a confidential location for their safety. These brochures contain information on basic emergency services for those persons residing in various parts of the county.

Seattle Support Services, August This brochure lists medical and dental resources throughout Seattle. It is for people on Medicaid and those who are under-insured or uninsured. Seattle Health Services, August

NWS and Partners Publications and Brochures

A The division of criminal justice services in the department of public safety shall prepare a poster and a brochure that describe safe firearms practices. The poster and brochure shall contain typeface that is at least one-quarter inch tall. The division shall furnish copies of the poster and brochure free of charge to each federally licensed firearms dealer in this state.

Food safety is important for everyone—but it’s especially Food Product Dating. you to know and practice safe food-handling behaviors to help reduce your.

This card is not a boating license, it is a certification that the person named on the card has successfully completed the required boating safety course. The card does not expire. You can find information on how to obtain the card below. After you have successfully completed an approved Florida boating safety course , please follow these steps:. Along with the copy of your proof of course completion, submit a request for a card by mail to the address below or by e-mail to Bobbercard MYFWC.

Important Note : If you are taking the course to satisfy the mandatory violator requirements , you must make sure that you include a note or letter with your proof of course completion when you submit your request for a card. Skip to main content. Report Issues Report fish kills, wildlife emergencies, sightings, etc.

Pedestrian Safety

You can also have many of the below brochures and booklets, delivered to your home free of charge. Orders can be placed directly through the Injury Matters resource ordering website. Move Improve Remove booklet. Home Safety Checklist.

of Transportation (NCDOT) is committed to providing a safe transportation sys- tem that ensures the mobility of people, goods, Property Vacate Date (​NCDOT) has prepared this brochure to describe the pro- cesses NCDOT will follow by.

Download All. These foldable bookmarks connect young people to loveisrespect and the three ways to connect with our trained advocates — chat, text and phone. Please download, print and distribute the handouts below and help more people benefit from the information on loveisrespect! Safety Alert: Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are afraid your internet usage might be monitored, call loveisrespect at or TTY Skip to content Download Materials Download Materials.

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Sexual violence SV perpetration and victimization is a significant public health problem that requires a public health approach to decrease risk factors and increase protective factors related to SV. This includes a range of activities to address the way individual, relationship, community, and societal factors impact SV. This approach is more likely to prevent SV across a lifetime than any single intervention and is also more likely to benefit the largest number of people and reduce SV.

The Rape Prevention and Education RPE program is a federally funded program that focuses on preventing sexual violence SV perpetration and victimization.

education, and training in the field of occupational safety and health.” Brochures/booklets; the employee, the date of training, and the means used to verify.

Federal government websites often end in. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site. The site is secure. Some publications enhance general understanding of the regulations, while others focus on specific training niches. See our list of Hazmat transportation training publications below. Transporting Infectious Substances Safely.

This new brochure will give you all the up-to-date info on getting your license

Phone 03 General enquiries: info whwest. This safety plan booklet contains ideas and information that others have found useful when they have […]. This brochure outlines the crisis and short-term support to women and their children to become safe […].

I received this pamphlet before the work began. Printed Name of Owner-​occupant. Signature of Owner-occupant. Signature Date. Renovator’s Self Certification.

Full Details. Fordham University is committed to maintaining a community in which its members live, work, and learn in a safe and respectful environment that is free from all forms of sex– and gender-based discrimination. The University will not tolerate any form of sexual and related misconduct such as sex and gender discrimination, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, dating violence, domestic violence, prohibited consensual relationships, sexual exploitation and other sexual misconduct, and intimidation and retaliation for reporting as defined in the Sexual and Related Misconduct Policy and Procedures.

Sexual and related misconduct can occur between strangers, acquaintances, or people who know each other well, including those who are involved in an intimate or sexual relationship, and can be committed by anyone regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression or sexual orientation. Fordham will take prompt and effective steps to end the sexual and related misconduct, eliminate the hostile environment, prevent its recurrence, and remedy its effects.

In addition, this policy applies to conduct by all students, faculty, staff, and administrators taking place on campus or at Fordham University sponsored programs, activities, or events, including study abroad programs and academic, learning, and service programs located at off-campus sites. This policy also covers any conduct that has a continuing effect on campus or in an off-campus education program, activity, or event sponsored by the University.

Fordham University supports this policy through educational instruction on prevention, counseling, and medical support services. Fordham University responds to all sexual and related misconduct incidents with a trained response team that includes public safety; the dean of students; the Title IX coordinator; the deputy Title IX coordinator; the offices of residential life, health services, and counseling services; the Office of Human Resources as appropriate, and off-campus resources as needed.

Fordham University will enforce its policy on sexual and related misconduct through internal student conduct procedures that are fair, prompt, and impartial. Fordham University Policy Statement on Sexual and Related Misconduct Fordham University is committed to maintaining a community in which its members live, work, and learn in a safe and respectful environment that is free from all forms of sex– and gender-based discrimination.

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On August 13, , the Minister of Health approved an order to temporarily extend the default period to review clinical trial applications and amendments by 15 days. PDF Version – K. Health Canada is pleased to announce the release of the finalized Guidance Document for Clinical Trial Sponsors: Clinical Trial Applications which provides guidance to all sponsors [for example e.

The revised guidance includes application requirements for comparative bioavailability trials and filing requirements for the importation of clinical trial supplies.

interests and concerns of Tulsa citizens, including safety and crime. To prevent following: type of crime, date, time and location of the crime as well as available Brochures dealing with prevention will be readily available to all students.

Safe Dates is a school-based prevention program for middle and high school students designed to stop or prevent the initiation of dating violence victimization and perpetration, including the psychological, physical, and sexual abuse that may occur between youths involved in a dating relationship. Safe Dates is a school-based program that can stand alone or fit within a health education, family, or general life-skills curriculum. Because dating violence is often tied to substance abuse, Safe Dates may also be used with drug and alcohol prevention and general violence prevention programs.

The Safe Dates program relies on primary and secondary prevention activities to target behavioral changes in adolescents. Primary prevention occurs when the onset of perpetration of dating violence is prevented. Secondary prevention is when victims stop being victimized or perpetrators stop being violent. Primary prevention is promoted through school activities, while secondary prevention is promoted through school and community activities. The Safe Dates program includes a curriculum with nine minute sessions, one minute play to be performed by students, and a poster contest.

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